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Learn and get a certificate

The big plan is to start a School of Musical Phenomenology. As a teacher, you will have a specific training that will take from 2 to 5 years, depending on your skills and your dedication to learning. A certificate will be given to these teachers and eventually we will build a community, it will grow and it will become well known that the School of Musical Phenomenology allows the musician to grow in harmony with the body, the quieting of the mind, and the openness to the beauty of the Musical experience.

How does the MP class for teachers work?

How do we begin?

To start, let’s have a one on one session. This will allow us both to get acquainted. For me it is important to see and hear what you want and also what you need. The first lesson is then followed by a plan designed by me. This can include, what pieces you should work on now, how long should you practice, how often should we meet and more.

3 months program

This will allow you to have a fix point in time and to then evaluate your learning progress. Many of my students record the lessons so that they can remember and listen again to all the aspects that were discussed. After the 3 months, I like to have my students listen to their first recording and then listen to the last one. They are often amazed at the change.

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