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Musical Phenomenology (MP) was developed by Sergiu Celibidache, one of the great musicians of the 20th Century. With the study of musical phenomenology, we become aware of the hidden laws of sound, and how it engages the human consciousness. In so doing, we open a new path to discover and experience classical music.

Find your sound

As surprising as this might be, many musicians have not yet found their authentic sound. What do I mean by that? Your authentic sound is the one that you produce, free of tensions and, most of all, free of “wanting.” It is unique and you will know it when you hear it. It is the beginning of your musical journey and it is a moment that fils me with joy, each time it happens.

Online classes

COVID-19 has been a great trigger for resourcefulness. I have found that teaching online is fruitful, and am happy to offer online MP classes. The experience can be conveyed even with the limitations of the electronic media. The practice of MP starts with our awareness of the sound and how it connects to the next sound in a certain space.

Christyna Kaczynski-Kozel

“In order for music to flow through us, our bodies need to be free of tension, our minds need to be free of thought, and our emotions need to be open to the beauty of sound. This freedom is the gateway to transcendence.”

Christyna Kaczynski-Kozel

Christyna Kaczynski-Kozel, Pianist & Teacher of Musical Phenomenology

I was born in a family of musicians, my mother was an opera singer, and my father was a concert pianist. I started playing piano at the age of 5, and continued to various conservatories in Quebec, where I was born. Living in Italy and Spain gave me the opportunity to learn these beautiful languages and to further my musical education.

Musical Phenomenology (MP), a path to your authenticity.

What is Musical Phenomenology?

How can I learn Musical Phenomenology?

For almost all musicians, MP is a new path. Because we were not taught about consciousness in the process of making music, it is new to us. With guidance, patience and dedication, you will learn.

What is the difference to "normal" playing?
It comes from another place, it comes from your authenticity, and is never mechanical. It is the opposite of some music schools where you repeat the same piece 50 times in a session. Here, you learn to correlate the sounds one to the other, and that is a fascinating endeavor.
Can every musician learn it?

Yes, every musician can learn it. Maestro Celibidache always said, “everybody can hear like I do”. In learning MP, you will develop not only your skills at the instrument but also your musical ear. You will learn to connect your playing with your listening.

What are the challenges?

Because it is different then the conventional teaching, it can be a bit disorienting at the beginning. It can be hard to let go of old ideas, and presumptions. There might be a form of resistance at the beginning. You are renewing your connection to your instrument, your body, and your whole self, so it needs some time.

What kind of course should I book?

The first step is to have a consulting class, where I can evaluate where you are at and what you need.

“What is the »interpretation« in what we are doing here? It’s nothing else but finding out what the composer had in mind. He starts from an experience and looks for the notes. We start with the notes to come to his experience.”

Sergiu Celibidache


Pedro Eustache

Pedro Eustache
Pedro Eustache

Venezuelan solo flautist, reed player, woodwind player, wind synthesist, researcher, composer, lecturer, and instrument maker. Pedro has seven years of symphonic experience and a collection of around 600 instruments from all over the world, many of which he has designed, built or modified himself. 

Social Media Post: “I’m blessed, challenged & humbled to study Musical Phenomenology with Maestro Christyna Kozel, a former disciple of the genius Sergiu Celibidache… A truly enlightening experience! Learning, getting better, growing in music has no end! As Bach said, we are searching the highest possible expression that “glorifies God & sublimates the human soul.”‘

"Thank you, Christyna!"

"Christyna Kaczynski-Kozel is an inspiring pianist, piano teacher and expert in the field of musical phenomenology. She accompanies her students with great empathy and warmth into the world of piano playing. With great sensitivity and imagination, Christyna succeeds in bringing her students' unique sound on the piano to daylight. I personally have gained a great deal of clarity about a major theme in my life through my involvement with musical phenomenology with Christyna. I recommend Christyna with great pleasure. Thank you very much, Christyna!".

Mona Katzenberger, Mindset Coach,

"I unequivocally recommend Christyna."

"I was 5 years old when I first started taking piano lessons with Christyna. Nearly 20 years on, I regularly play to relax after work (as in the attached video), to impress guests at dinner parties, or to challenge myself with any new piece of my choice. I think my experience speaks for that of most students that have had the opportunity to learn under Christyna. Christyna is a remarkable pianist and a worldly scholar of music. Arguably, her greatest talent lies in her ability to teach kids, teens, and adults alike with joy, patience, and skill. Christyna is very attentive to her students' diverse learning needs and musical preferences, and she was always eager to tailor her teaching methods to my ever-changing goals. Christyna's passion for music is contagious; she has imparted me with a love for music and a keen understanding of different genres that I am forever grateful for. Christyna has become a life-long mentor and close friend to me. Whether you are looking to explore a new pastime or rediscovering a long-lost ability, I unequivocally recommend Christyna."
Nathan Canadas, Student

"I appreciate your wonderful teaching."

”I thank you, yet again and in the most sincere of emotions, how much I appreciate your wonderful teaching, your inspiration as a musician and your gentle nature. I play everyday, and I am enriched and inspired by the music I have always loved. I just want you to know that it is your skill as a teacher that has let me recreate-albeit modestly-the moments of solace and great beauty that help us all in these times. Thank you so very much.”
Claudia, Student of piano

"I wouldn’t be the musician I am today if it weren’t for Christyna."

”Christyna has been my teacher for the past three years - I was interested in restarting my piano studies after a long hiatus away from the piano. Christyna struck me as a very passionate and knowledgeable teacher, so it was a trivial choice for me to start lessons with her. I’ve learned about the fundamentals about musical phenomenology, which truly intrigues me as I continue my music studies with her. Phenomenology has invited me to understand music through a different lens, and has paved the way for me to transform myself as a musician. I wouldn’t be the musician I am today if it weren’t for Christyna.”
Wayne, Student of piano

"I can recommend her for many reasons."

”Christyna Kaczynski-Kozel is a gifted and inspiring pianist. Her performances are breathtaking, beautiful, interesting and musically extraordinary. Fortunately, Christyna is an equally inspiring teacher, and if you are a student who is seeking instruction from a truly phenomenal teacher, I can recommend her for many reasons.”
Claudia, Student of piano

"Thanks for your workshop."

"I just wanted to write a note of thanks for your workshop presenting the ideas of Sergiu Celibidache. My former husband was a conductor and spoke frequently of Maestro Celibidache, whom he admired greatly. It was fascinating to see how the musical communication of each participant was changed by the concepts you discussed."
Susan, Musician

"Christyna has enriched my life on multiple levels."

"11 years ago at my daughter's graduation I crossed path with Christyna. As it turned out Christyna not only was fluent in German, but she also was a Concert Painist and taught piano. What more could I want, so I thought! Christyna has enriched my life on multiple levels and continues to do so. She taught me how to create "music" which goes far beyond of "mechanically" touching the keys. Her approach and her method of teaching are unique and fascinated me. What was her secret? What made her playing so different and special compared to what I had listened before? And that brings me to Musical Phenomenology created by Sergiu Celibidache."
Beate Israel-Ford, Piano student

"What an extraordinary performance."

"What an extraordinary and memorable performance you gave today. First of all, from the first chord you played to the last, your special sensitivity and art in conveying the Debussy palette of exquisite colors war apparent. I don’t know how you made that piano sound the way it did, it was pure magic and pure delight for your audience. It was all so beautiful and transported me off into the clouds!"

Ellie, Soprano

"Absolutely magical."

"There was something absolutely magical about the tone quality you produced when playing the Mechanical Doll, and the Aeolian Harp Etude."
Bruce, Pianist and Composer

"I have never heard such exquisite music."

Your musicality and the clarity you brought forth in the Scarlatti was marvelous. And the Chopin! I can honestly say that I have never heard such exquisite and tender rendering of his music. I could hear the structure and was moved to tears as I nearly heard words( and wanted to sing! ) in the E Major Etude.
Karen, Contralto

"The concert was virtuosic and magical."

I woke up with the memory of Christyna’s music still resonating in my body. The concert was virtuosic and magical. I believe that with Christyna the music and the playing have a unique relationship resulting in an extraordinary sound.
Cecilia, Music Lover

"You convey the essence of his teaching."

"I think that your contact with Celibidache has made it possible for you to convey the essence of his teaching to others in ways that we don’t really understand “rationally”."
Jerry, Pianist and Composer

"Love your tempo."

"Thank you for doing the recording of the Harp Etude ( opus 25, nr.1 ) Love your tempo, and most of all how the phrasing “breathes”. You play with a freedom that captivated me all the way through and just the right emphasis on the inner voices..."
Mark, Pianist

"You are a magnificent artist."

"You play with an exceptionally sensitive touch which lent itself to shaping the phrases with marvelous subtlety, giving you a dynamic range and a palette of tonal colors that is very effective. I also appreciated your understanding of the “formal” dimensions in the Beethoven Sonata and in the Chopin Ballade. I felt each piece was constructed with an eye for the detail of each section but also keeping the larger picture in mind and the vast overriding scope of the works. So much beauty in one sitting! You are a magnificent artist."
Bruce, Composer

"Your tone on the piano is exceptional."

"...the tone that you produce on the piano is exceptional, and how I would love to know your secrets! Many try but fail. What is it? You must know the answer."
Bruce, Composer

"I enjoyed hearing you so much."

"Congratulations again on your playing. I enjoyed hearing you so much. In both pieces I heard so much music and richness. It seems you are completely a servant to the music, which for me is the greatest part of music. I felt that you were listening deeply to everything that you were playing, which is the most exciting kind of performance for me. Thank you for sharing."
Emily, Pianist

"I had to stop tears from welling up."

"...during the Beethoven I literally had to stop tears from welling up. You have a way of steering into pain but still letting everything flow, with nothing over-emphasized or overly dramatic....I am curious with whom did you study?"
Janet, Musician

"Tears brought to my eyes."

"Scarlatti, Beethoven Cantabile, and Debussy meticulous, flowing, and tears brought to my eyes. It is nice to see and hear a pianist not only with technical expertise but with FEELING! Loved diversity in repetitions! Blossoming crescendos, nice pauses, felt reenergized after since I came tired. I “saw” colors in your beautifully played Etudes and the Ballade ......We are lucky you came to Berkeley, we need more pianist with gentle touch, good tone and voicing, mastery of technique and a mentor whose contribution to teachers and students alike is of lasting value."
Ann, Pianist

"I could hear the water."

"In your Debussy, I could hear the water, the wind..."
Louise, Pianist

"I marvel at your oneness with the piano."

"...I marvel at your oneness with the piano and what you are able to accomplish in communicating emotional nuance and beauty through music."
Suzanne, Music Lover

“Sound is not music, sound can become music.”

Sergiu Celibidache

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